With “spirituality,” it is not religion that is meant, but the knowledge of the laws of God and their practice in daily life.
For instance, we have programs on “the Law of Cause and Effect,” on “Reincarnation,” on “Do not do to someone else what you do not want to have done to you,” on “Self-observation,” in the awareness that much more exists beyond our material world. “Recognize yourself,” says the wise person and this is the key to life, which opens up important new horizons, beyond material and temporal limits. Ethics, morals and spirituality go hand in hand and this has nothing to do with rites, dogmas or ceremonies.
The Cosmic School of Life, meditations and many other programs encourage you to think more about the meaning of life on Earth, about “Where did I come from” and “Where am I going?” and “Is there a life after death?”, and, well, also about a goal for your life.